Thursday, May 28, 2009

Will the Real Christopher Columbus Please Stand Up!

The blogging is all about Caleb these days. I will try to add more about my other kids as soon as they do something cute! (Just kidding, no nasty posts please!) Anyway, Caleb's class put on a Penny Arcade and Caleb played the role of Christopher Columbus. I must say he was a dead ringer for the guy. All the kids stood silent behind their desks until someone came up and dropped a penny in their cup. Then they came alive and told about themselves. Here is the video of his performance although you can't hear a word he says because every other class member is doing their presentation as well! I was able to meet Ty Cobb, Mia Hamm, Princess Diana, Pocahontas, Cleopatra, the lady who first created the chocolate chip cookie and Neal Armstrong. They were all so cute.

"Hello, I'm Christopher Columbus. I descovered America on October 12, 1492.

I was born in Geno 1451. I worked with my father in a weaveing shop.

I started sailing at age 14. When I convenced the king and queen to give me ships. They gave me the Nina, Pinta and Santa Mariahe. I sailed due west to look for a sorter route to Aisa. After weeks at sea I saw land, and like I already told you that land was America. That is what I am famus for, descovering Amerka. I thout it was Aisa.

I first celebrated my descovery 300 years after my descovery.

I died at age 51 because or a heart attack. I died knowing I did something great for the world."

Monday, May 25, 2009

To Do My Duty to God and My Country

Caleb, as a Cub Scout, participated in the Memorial Day ceremonial retiring of the colors at the cemetary where his great-grandfather is buried. It was a proud parent moment!
If you watch the video, you may notice the flag is not being folded correctly. This is at the request of the cemetary for storage purposes.

At Great-Grandad Hurschel's grave. Great-Grandmother Dorothy's too!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Foto Friday

The WORLD'S best Pizza is now in Broken Arrow! We had lots of family fun there this evening.

The kids had fun watching the pizza construction through the glass window. The employees made it very amusing. If the kids pointed up, they would toss the dough up in the air. The threw flour all over the window and drew pictures in it. One guy even made a smiley face out of the dough and stuck it to the window.
The food was totally awesome, as usual too. If anyone wants to invite us to go to Hideaway with them, we would definitely go!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Thursday Thought

The only good picture angle for those of us with double chins is from the top down. Observe:

Lisa and Uncle Mike heads up and back . . . Double Chin there. (I'm counting Uncle Mike's as a double chin although it is a poor excuse for one.)

Lisa and Uncle Mike, heads down, neck muscles tight. Chins still there. Well Uncle Mike's are pretty much gone. His are a lot smaller than mine!

Camera above the head pointing down. CHINS GONE! Uncle Mike had left town before I figured this out. Too bad, we could have made the cover of a magazine looking like this. I'm going to request this angle for all of my pictures now.