Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Go Tigers!

Yes, our Saturdays are once again occupied with a daughter cheering. This time it's Devyn's turn. I let her cheer this year hoping that she wouldn't want to do it anymore once she tried it. The odds are not in my favor of that being the case. She loves it. She is pretty cute though! I have to admit it is pretty exciting to go to the games and watch the little ones play. They are so cute. Go Tigers!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

16 "Sweet" Things About Amanda

In honor of Amanda's 16th birthday today, here are 16 sweet things to remember about Amanda:
1. Her nickname is Bandaid thanks to her cousin, Dillon. Of course, Uncle Kevin calls her Mandy Moo Moo.
2. In 4th grade you rarely saw her without a bucket hat on.
3. As a young girl everything HAD to be purple. It's probably the reason she doesn't like purple now!
4. In first grade Amanda played soccer. She got hit with the ball in the first game and spent the rest of the season as far away from the ball as possible. In second grade she didn't play soccer.
5. Most kids watch cartoons on Saturday mornings, in grades K-3, Amanda was an avid infomercial watcher. She wanted to get the Showtime rotisserie really bad. "But mom, all the fat drips right off and all you have to do is 'Set It and Forget It'"
6. When they were 2, Amanda and Dillon won the Trunk or Treat parade contest dressed as "Dos Barneys" So many people had spent hours on elaborate costumes but these two cute toddlers in their store-bought Barney costumes were walking around holding hands and won over the judges. Good thing the prize was only a cup of candy or there might have been a riot.
7. As a youngster she wanted to be an artist and a dog groomer. Now she wants to be a lawyer. Maybe she will represent the interests of dog artists.
8. In a 3rd grade school assignment, she completed the sentence, "Your motto in life is" with "You're a bonehead!" We have Grandpa Taz to thank for that!
9. In 2001, I woke up one morning to get ready for work. I found Amanda dressed for school, rocking baby Devyn in the rocking chair and feeding her a bottle. One of the most precious gifts she has ever given me.
10. In 1st grade, she believed her cousin, Staci, when Staci told her that Barbie's partied in the closet in the middle of the night while she was sleeping. The Barbies were relocated to the living room for a time. She also believed Staci when Staci told her that she used to have an older sister but they lost her in the desert. And we always thought Amanda was the creative one. Ha
11. She single-leggedly kept her squad in first place at cheerleading competition when as the flyer, with the use of only one leg, she straighted her body from laying straight back to standing straight up when her spotter failed to get her upright. It is hard to describe but it was impressive to see!
12. She loves to make muffins, cookies and pancakes. We love to eat them!
13. She has her Aunt Mollie's sense of humor.
14. She loves photography, swimming and track.
15. In 5th grade she loved chess and entered a chess tournament. I was so proud.
16. When she was three she would read books and start every page with "One day there was a billage" A billage is actually a village and, No, I don't know where she got that, but with the hand motions she did with it, it was adorable!

There are many more sweet things about Amanda, but then I don't have to tell you guys that. She is one of the sweetest things to happen to this world. Happy Birthday Amanda.