Tuesday, January 06, 2009

That's What Friends Are For

I'm on a self-image high at the moment as my friend, Joni, briefly (heavy emphasis on the briefly, split-second is probably most accurate) thought I was our friend, Sally, when she saw me in the hall at church on Sunday. Many of you know Sally and could understand why I would be so excited. She is gorgeous and THIN! Obviously, my butt was not in view when Joni laid eyes on me or she would have known the difference right away! I'm sure Joni forgot to put her contacts in or something but I'm just living in the moment. Don't be too depressed Sally. Like I said, Joni probably needs her eyes checked.

On that same vein, I am publicly declaring one of my 2009 goals; to lose the weight I have been trying to lose for 14 months now! 18 pounds to be exact. That's right. 9 pounds of pregnancy weight, plus 9 previous pregnancy pounds. That's right. This summer maybe someone will mistake me for Sally in my swim suit! OK, let's be realistic, that is NOT going to happen. I mean I don't have the money for that kind of surgery, but this year's swim suit will definitely be smaller than last year's and more importantly what's hanging out of the swim suit will be smaller! I consider it a service project really. Nobody should have to see that hangin' out stuff.